Goal setting is vital.

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If you are pursuing a strategy to establish a growing company, it is important that your vision has been divided into separate goals.

If you have an objective to raise capital to assist in funding the growth process, investors are seeking companies which exhibit a strong understanding of the need to create real value for the company and not just to generate quick returns.

Investors are trying to determine whether the directors and leadership team have the required skills and stamina to pursue the goals that the company has set.

Goals need to be set as to whether they are short term, long-term or periodic, and those goals are incorporated within the task allocation, allocated to a leadership team member for follow-through and achievement.

Investors like to see goals outlined in a following format…

What are the exit goals? Investors in a start-up company or a company undertaking the scaling up process are generally not interested in being a long-term investor. They want to know whether the directors have set a policy to achieve an exit by a set time. 

Next month goals: what needs to be completed by the end the next month? This is obviously a high priority!

Next quarter goals: this is a normal planning process for a leadership team – what has to be completed in the next quarter?

One-year goals: this is normally a larger project that is going to take a year to complete. The leadership team should implement monitoring measures which will ensure that the project is completed on time.

5-year goals: whilst this appears a long time, it can go fairly quickly. The directors and leadership team should have set a clear strategy on the results that they would like to achieve over five years. It’s advisable to implement a reporting process to ensure that the directors are kept informed of progress.

Towers Business Development can assist Directors in establishing goals and embedding those goals into the planning documentation. To find out more, contact us on 1800 232 088 or email .

Goal setting is vital.

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