Accountancy Businesses

We offer an experienced Business Improvement Service to assist accountancy businesses by:

Assisting accountancy businesses by facilitating strategic planning, performance reviews of firm management, coaching, mentoring, assessing partner performance, acting as external chairman and/or strategic advisors to accountancy firms to “Future Proof” their businesses by introducing a range of commercial services that the SME community, has been identifying in survey after survey over the last fifteen years that they, require.

We do not give taxation advice, nor do we prepare income tax returns.

Peter Towers has had an interesting and varied business career, including 23 years as a principal of an accountancy business and 10 years in commerce (6 years as Chief Financial Officer/Company Secretary of a listed public company on the Australian Stock Exchange).

Peter is the founder principal author of ESS BIZTOOLS, a "business-of-business" advice tool for accountants to use with their clients - and is the founder author and coordinator of the ESS Small Business  - and is the founder and editor of ESS BIZGRANTS, a grant identifier for accountants to identify Australian government grants and individual state and territory grants that their clients might be eligible to apply for –

The Business Coaching services that we provide include:

  • Early Stage Innovation Company Due Diligence Reviews
  • Crowd Sourced Funding Equity Raising – advisory services for the company to be investment ready and prepartion of Crowd Sourced Funding Offer Document

  • Investment Readiness to raise capital under S708 Corporations Act
  • Management Review
  • Partner Evaluations
  • Staff Evaluations
  • Client Advisory Meetings
  • Introduction of Business Advisory Services using ESS BIZTOOLS
  • Staff Training on Business Advisory Services Strategies
  • Marketing Strategies for Accountancy Businesses
  • Developmnet of referral strategies for accountancy businesses

  • Chair of Partners’ Meetings
  • Succession Planning within the accountancy business
  • Technology and Process Review (conducted by David Smith – Smithink Pty Ltd)
  • Workplace Health & Safety Code and Human Resources Review (conducted in association with Blackstone Business Group)
  • The introduction of Business Advisory Services and Coaching the team for the delivery of a number of Business Advisory Services’ products including:

    • Business Evaluation Workshop
    • Client Seminars and Workshops - Small Business Courses
    • Budgets and Cashflow Forecasts
    • Chief Financial Officer Services
    • Charge Out Rates Setting for Trades Business
    • Charge Out Rates Setting for Professional Firms
    • Debtors’ Management Reviews
    • Personal Property Securities Register Due Diligence Evaluation
    • Strategic Business Mentoring
    • Retail Price Setting to Acheive Profit Targets
    • Cashflow Management
    • Business Planning Consultancy
    • Buying a Business
    • Mentoring on Scaling Up Strategies
    • Succession Planning
    • Capital Raising Opportunities for Small/Medium Enterprises
    • Corporate Governance/Company Director Role in Small/Medium Enterprises:
    • -  Early Stage Innovation Companies
    • -  Crowd Sourced Funding Equity Raising
    • -  s708 Captial Raising
    • -  Offer Information Statement Capital Raising
    • Selling a Business
    • Strategic Business Planning Retreats
    • Identification of Government Grants Training
    • Improve Leadership and Work Relationships
    • Define Partners’ Roles
    • Performance Evaluations and Profit Sharing
    • Coordinating Services from Allied Accounting Professionals

Our aim is to assist accountancy businesses to develop a range of products to assist in supplying a range of business services for aspiring small/medium enterprise clients and contributing to “future proofing” the accountancy business in 2019/20.

We will accept appointment for accountancy business reviews anywhere in Australia/New Zealand.

We will supply a written work proposal and a written quotation.


12 Eclipse Street Rowes Bay
Townsville, QLD, Australia, 4810
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