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Business Basics Grant

Issue 015

Queensland Regional Small Businesses Grant Sure To Be Popular!

Applications for the “Business Basics Grant” targeted at small businesses operating in regional Queensland with turnovers under $300,000 in 2020/21, opens on Wednesday 8th September 2021 at 9.00am and is expected to be fully subscribed. 

Grants of $5,000 are available for a range of services.

Towers Business Development can supply services in some of the eligible categories, including:

  • Business development:
    • Business Analysis
    • Debtors’ Review - Reduction of Debtors’ Days Outstanding
  • Charge out rate reviews to achieve targeted profits:
    • Tradies
    • Professionals
    • Retail Product Mix and Mark-ups Analysis
    • Business Health Checks
  • Training/Coaching:
    • Operational Reviews
    • Corporate Governance
    • Understanding of Financial Accounts and Budgets/Cashflow Forecasts
  • Business Plan development for the business.
  • Development of Succession Plans.

For the Grant Guidelines please click here.

Would you like a proposal (which has to be submitted as part of the application)?  

Towers Business Development welcomes requests for proposals/quotations from businesses for the following services relating to the Business Basics Grants:

  • Training and Coaching
    • Business Development
  • Business Planning Topics
    • Training/coaching relating to corporate governance, understanding financial accounts, business review meetings and other corporate/financial training to assist your business to understand financial/business reports and to add value to your business.
  • Professional Business Advice
    • Business Plan preparation
  • Business Continuity and Succession
    • Business continuity or Succession Plans

Towers Business Development Pty Ltd’s, Managing Director, Peter Towers, has extensive experience in these areas having been a Listed Public Company Secretary and Chief Financial Officer, Business Consultant for the last 30 years and Principal of an accounting firm.

If you would like a proposal to be submitted as part of your application for this grant, please contact us as soon as possible as the grant applications open at 9am AEST on 8th September 2021.

Please do not hesitate to contact Peter Towers - or telephone - 1800 232 088.

Towers Business Development Services

Towers Business Development does not give taxation advice but offers consulting services for small/medium sized enterprises and accountancy businesses, including:

  • Business Basics Grant Applications
  • Export Market Development Grant Applications
  • Corporate Governance Mentoring
  • Mentoring/Training Company Directors
  • Assistance with Due Diligence for Early Stage Innovation Company Status
  • Assistance with Company Being Accredited as a Crowd Source Funding Equity Raising Company
  • Assistance with Capital Raising Utilising Section 708 of the Corporations Act
  • Assistance with the Preparation of an Application for an Accelerating Commercialisation Grant
  • Government Grant Advice for SMEs
  • Preparation of Business Plans
  • Predictive Accounting – Budgets, Cashflow Forecast, Projected Balance Sheets
  • Virtual Chief Financial Officer Services
  • Succession Planning
  • Establishment of Research and Development Systems
  • Business Review Meetings – Monthly or Quarterly

Want to know more about the services that Towers Business Development can supply to assist your business in its business growth?  You are invited to visit the Towers Business Development website; or contact Peter Towers:

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Business Basics Grant