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Government Funding & Grants

"Could Your Business Benefit From Government or Industry Assistance?"

A number of incentive programs are conducted by the federal and state/territory governments, but which grant, funding program or industry assistance scheme is appropriate for your business?
Not only can we help you choose the appropriate scheme to begin or expand your small business, but we will assist you in completing the application and advise you in each step of the process.
Some of the other schemes available are:-
•    Enterprise Connect Consultancy Assignments
•    Commercialisation Australia Applications and Consultancy Assignments
•    Export Market Development Grants Applications
•    Research and Development Plans
•    Other Government Grants

Our associated company ESS BIZGrants has launched a website to assist accountants, business advisors and small/medium enterprise operators to identify government grants, loan and incentive programmes that a small/medium enterprise may be eligible for.  Please refer to www.essbizgrants.com.au.

We can assist in the following areas:-
•    Development of research plans;
•    Development of a system to record expenditure eligible for claiming under the Export Market Development Grant;
•    Reviewing your business to determine eligibility for Commercialisation Australia grants to assist in the submission of a grant application;

We can assist in the performance of consultancy duties for Enterprise Connect programmes under the “Getting Investment Ready” page, down the bottom after he says “Business Evaluations”, can you put another main heading for SERVICES.

For “qualified” companies who have undertaken the getting Investment Ready Programme with Towers Business Development Pty Ltd, we are able to make introduction to various business angel groups operating outside Australia